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1 To ensure that payment is made only for goods ordered and received, we should check the purchase order, invoice, and the __ order. ()
3 When depositing cash or cheque in a bank, we use the pay-in __. ()
4 The __ voucher is prepared when employees need to claim for the amount spent on purchases. ()
6 This is used to record the reasons for issuing the cheque and in the books of accounts. ()
8 This is the person to whom the cheque is made payable. ()
9 This document is sent by the seller to the buyer after the buyer has made payment. ()
10 The __ cheque is one which is payable without endorsement to anyone who presents it. ()
11 A cheque is __ when it has exceeded its validity date. ()

1 The type of cheques which the banks refuse to pay on presentation are known as __ cheques. ()
2 A document sent by the seller to the buyer giving details and prices of the goods sold. ()
5 If there is a mistake on a cheque, it should be cancelled once and the drawer should sign near to the ___. ()
6 One advantage of using cheques is that they are very __ for posting and carrying around. ()
7 The __ cheque is written if the drawer wishes to withdraw cash from his account. ()